Water treatment

Domestic and industrial water treatment

AcquaLAB carries out the analysis and all necessary operations for the treatment of water for domestic or industrial use.

By softening the anti-legionella infection prophylaxis, as well as air filtration, purification, iron removal and reverse osmosis, AcquaLAB can provide treatment services and water analysis. Such types of procedure require skill and appropriate professional tools to ensure compliance with legislation and quality standards. With AcquaLAB you can count on a full service in testing, treatment and maintenance, both for private use and in industrial processes.

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Specific interventions and automatic plants

AcquaLAB can offer different types of water treatment. From drinking water wells up to the anti-Legionella infection treatments for campings, hotels and hospitals. All measurements and sanitizing operations are carried out with microbiological and chemical analysis and highly safe and reliable products. The treatment of domestic and industrial waters may occur through direct action or through the installation of automatic prevention installations.

Both for water for industrial and domestic use, AcquaLAB is specialized in the maintenance of balancing systems and automatic analysis of water, to ensure that they are perfectly in line with regulations. Our staff is always available for advices and supplies of chemicals for water softening, iron removal, and other targeted processes. Contact us for information on treatments or to perform system monitoring. AcquaLAB experience in water treatment guarantees careful and scrupulous assistance.