Underground pools

Discover the underground pool for you

In-ground pools are the most recommended for the solidity of the structure and the possibility of customizing.

Every AcquaLAB inground pool has exclusive features. Models and technologies are very widely, as well as the peculiarities of the coating or accessory you can choose. AcquaLAB creates for you in-ground pools qualitatively impeccable masonry and of great aesthetic impact. All this with a “turnkey” service that includes all phases of design, construction and installation. An operating system that allows us to personally follow each step of the work, from its conception to practice intervention. Based on a survey and customer requirements, we design customized pools, created specifically for each type of environment.

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Exclusive projects at competitive prices

This means that you do not settle for standard or prefabricated proposed measures. We can develop an original project together, designed only for you. Starting from positioning of the swimming pool, according to environmental factors,up to  the choice of the filtration and recirculation  water system. AcquaLAB is ready to advise you the best solutions for your in-ground pool, helping you in choosing the best finishes.

Step by step, we proceed to the construction of the pool you choose, assisting you with care. The simplicity of the direct relationship with customers always gives you a huge time saver. Our competitiveness is also reflected in the price and guarantees you a constant and dedicated advice. Each person has specific needs and a unique personality. AcquaLAB makes your pool perfectly reflect  your idea of wellness. Discover all types of in-ground pools and start to design your own swimming pool. From skimmer pools to infinity pools, from the magnificent garden pools to fine indoor pools. Your in-ground pool is just waiting to take shape.