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AcquaLAB offers you a wide range of specific products and services for private or public swimming pools.

On this page you can find all types of treatment, materials and trendy tools for the care and beauty of your pool. Filtration through glass sand installing,TOUCH coatingsolar heating and much more. Deep industry knowledge and continuous updating on new procedures and latest technology allow us to offer the best solutions for a clean and desirable pool. See the variety of treatments available and please contact us for any information and assistance, or to request a catalog. We are always at your service.

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Glass sand

Glass sand is an innovative material used for the pool filtration system. The purpose of the filters is to keep the water clean and free of impurities inside the pool. The glass sand bed retains residues more effectively, purifying the water before it is recirculated. Compared to silica sand, glass, in contact with water, releases free radicals that limit bacterial growth. The water thus purified is then better quality water. Furthermore, the non-porous surface of glass granules reduces the accumulation of limestone and slag that usually occurs with normal sand filters.  So we can get energy saving and reduction in the use of chlorine. Contact us for information about the advantages of glass sand or to require treatments.

No chlor

AcquaLAB puts at your disposal alternative treatments to Chlorine. Planned to preserve the water quality of your swimming pool, these treatments will allow disinfection without the inconveniences that chlorine can result. So you can take care of your pool hygiene, avoiding the risk of irritation to eyes or skin. Oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and other special products are the solution for those who fear sensitive reactions to chlorine. If you want to learn more about alternative treatments to chlorine, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with information and expertise.

Life salts

Life salts is a saline solution of minerals and elements for the wellness of the person. If you wish a Spa or a swimming pool equipped with the comforts and benefits of thermal water, contact AcquaLAB. With Life Salts you can create your private spa right in your home. Or, you can complete your wellness center with a valuable hydrotherapy treatment. Absorption through the skin of minerals such as magnesium or potassium can help body’s health. AcquaLAB operates treatments with salts for pools for private and professional life. Turn your pool into a source of pleasure and well-being.

Salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis is a pool with particularly effective disinfection system. Alternative to the traditional use of chlorine, it takes advantage of the electrolytic transformation of salt in contact with water. In this process, the salt (sodium chloride) is split into chlorine and sodium allowing bacterial disinfection. After exercising its action, it is transformed again into salt. In this way, the use of chemical products is reduced to a minimum and the hygienisation takes place in a more healthy and environmentally friendly way. Through regular checks of the water pH, you can always maintain the alkalinity values of your pool at optimal levels. Contact AcquaLAB to receive information or to request a salt electrolysis treatment.

Filtration diatoms

The diatomaceous soil filtration is an exclusive water purification system. This type of filter uses a diatomaceous soil obtained by special marine algae (diatoms, in fact). The particle size of these algae is very reduced compared to that of the sand and retains the smallest impurities of a micron. Therefore, the water that has passed is cleaner and acquires a pleasant shine. Furthermore,  diatomaceous filtration does not require the preventive use of certain chemicals called fiocculanti. Besides the advantage of a more natural filtration, the filters in diatoms are smaller than those in sand and do not require a backwashing system. This saves usually employed in this type of operation water and energy. Finally, the purest water of the swimming pool allows to reduce the consumption of chlorine. AcquaLAB can install diatomaceous filtration systems and can care about their maintenance.

Solar heating

AcquaLAB cares for the design and installation of solar heating for indoor and outdoor pools. This technology allows you to use the pool during a longer period than the summer season only. Through appropriate solar panels, integrated with a heating system, the water keeps temperatures between 25 ° and 28 ° also in the cold months. There are different types of systems and thermal panels, according to the use and the required power. In any case, the pool water is routed inside the panels and heated by solar energy. Contact us for more information on the costs and the benefits of solar heating. After a careful inspection, we can advise you on the ideal solar heating solution for your pool.

Touch coating

AcquaLAB offers you a wide range of coatings and finishes to personalize your swimming pool.  TOUCH coating in reinforced PVC is a special premium coating, designed to equip your pool with gorgeous exclusive texture.  TOUCH coating has a sophisticated look that recreates the effect of natural materials. From rustic to anthracite black stone, through the sand,TOUCH coatings are characterized by a refined and elegant aesthetics. An ideal solution to harmonize the pool to the surrounding environment. Contact us to receive informations about TOUCH coating or other coating types. We can advice you both from economy up to luxury solutions for pools, in line with your needs.

Automation water treatment pool and home automation

Each pool needs continuous monitoring to maintain security and proper functionality. AcquaLAB installs automatic water treatment plants so that your pool maintains perfect hygienic conditions. Through automation, you can remotely control every aspect of the processes of your pool. Filtration, heating, lighting and facilities amenities. This type of management is essential in public facilities, and it is also valuable in private use pools. For cost informations and procedures for automated water treatment, please contact us