Spa and wellness

Would you like to equip your home or your hotel with a beautiful spa? AcquaLAB can handle the construction of Spa, indoor swimming pools and wellness areas.

If you want to crop a comfort zone in your house or build a wellness center with all options, this is the perfect opportunity. AcquaLAB designs for you and your guests the most cherished solutions to compose a wonderful relaxing spot. Innovative technologies tub, temperature control and cadding, designed to enrich your spa area with instructions to make it more lovable. Through a survey and targeted advice, we can develop the ideal design for your home or facility.

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Customization and dedicated service

Based on years in the design and implementation of wellness facilities, we can help you to optimize space with maximum efficiency. Together, we can create a regenerating corner, where it will be a pleasure to be lulled and regain peace. Both in preparing a special private room,or completing the offer of hotels, spa and aesthetic centers, AcquaLAB intervenes with excellent proposals. The Spa we offer are tailored to each client.

This means that every AcquaLAB Spa is designed to meet specific indications of budget and needs. Whatever the size of the Spa you intend to accomplish, AcquaLAB guarantees high quality standards and perfect functionality. AcquaLAB can advise you in the choice of materials, as well as lines and all details. In addition, we are present till the placement phase and commissioning of the plants to ensure that everything goes according to your wishes. Contact us for a consultation or to request a quote. AcquaLAB is at your disposal also for water maintenance and analysis operations.