Skimmer pools

Efficiency and quality in a single solution

Would you like to enjoy diving in the clear water of a swimming pool? You can do it without spending too much.

Skimmer pools are the most requested from those wishing to combine the aesthetic advantage to affordable rates. But what does skimmer pool mean? It is a pool made with the classical edges which are higher than water level. The term “skimmer” refers specifically to the water inside the pool vacuum system. Applicable to both in-ground pools and in above- ground swimming pools, a skimmer system proves a valuable ally in the hygiene management. Water is collected from the openings positioned along the edge of the tub, and it is then conveyed by “skimmers” to a pump that pushes in the filtration.

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The ideal solution for your home

Skimmer pools are generally cheaper than infinity pools, and can also allow to range between various shapes and patterns, especially in the case of in-ground pools. AcquaLAB can build customized skimmer pools,both public and private, any size. Furthermore, our staff can suggest the best solution as regards the correct positioning of skimmers, essential element to avoid stagnation, deposits of leaves or debris. Their optimal provision is essential to guarantee efficiency.

AcquaLAB also handles the most recent types of skimmer pools, called “spillways skimmers”. These next generation pools are more aesthetically elegant and can allow to keep the stretch of water even at a higher level. Contact us to receive information about skimmer pools or request an inspection. We will evaluate with you the best solutions for your home, your garden or facility.