Restructuring pools

When to renovate a swimming pool

Does your pool need a makeover? Time to take structural measures? Acqualab can care about restructuring of public and private pools, both aesthetically and functionally.

Time and use can damage the lining or the flooring of the tank. In such cases you need a partial or total restoration, according to the state of the pool and the result you wish… Also the implant can undergo various types of damage, for example at the pipes or at filtration system. It is important not to delay such interventions to prevent further damage to the conditions of the pool. In addition, requirements change year by year, and new technologies improve. The restyling of the pool allows you to make it more beautiful and functional thanks to technical or aesthetic implementations.

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Save money renovating the old pool

With Acqualab you can renovate your pool by optimizing the costs and taking advantage of 360 ° experience that distinguishes us.  Our experience in all phases of design, construction and maintenance of underground and above-ground pools allows us to better assess the scope of work. Acqualab is specialized in delivering customized solutions and high quality products, designed to last.

When choosing Acqualab you know you can count on a direct contact. A single partner who is ready to listen carefully and to follow your case. This allows you to avoid long dies and repeated explanations. Any intervention with Acqualab becomes easier and faster, saving on time and overall costs. We can also advise you about recovery of existing materials, and availability of spare parts or upgrades.

Are you dreaming to change your pool with the choice of a new design? Contact us to discuss about processes and improvements. Starting from a survey we can suggest the materials, lines and technologies to give shape to the pool you have in mind. With Acqualab you do not have to settle for standard solutions and serial production. We are always ready to satisfy your exclusive request.