Pool maintenance

Pool maintenance and assistance

Do you need support and maintenance for your pool? AcquaLAB deals with all aspects of correct management of in-ground and above-ground pools, both public and private.

For outdoor pools, such as indoor pools or spas, you can safely count on us to receive the support you need. Backed by experience gained over the years in our business, we are always available for targeted advices. In addition to the design and construction of swimming pools, we take care of all needs after installation. This way you can always rely on the help of someone you trust, who understands the problems and needs of your pool.

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AcquaLAB is at your side all year

AcquaLAB is at your side for treatment and covering procedures, which are necessary to keep the water clear and clean. Also, we can help you during pool opening after the winter, making sure that everything is working properly. We use to create a longlasting relationship with our customers. So, every year, you can count on a careful and personalized assistance service.

Pool closure for the winter is naturally one of the most popular interventions. To prepare your pool to idle time is the best way to avoid inconvenience on return of warm weather. Do you need to purchase specific products for the maintenance and water treatment? For any further information, or to obtain service, please do not hesitate to contact us. AcquaLAB is ready to help.