Infinity pools

Perfection of a liquid mirror

Are you looking for a refined model pool? Infinity pools are the ideal solution for those looking for the class of uncompromising elegance.

Infinity pool is that type of tank in which the water level coincides with that one of the edges and of surrounding paving. The mirror effect, of course, is extraordinarily impressive and gives the pool an impression of greater width. But it also conceals a perfect mechanism to ensure the best hygene for your pool. In addition, infinity pools are particularly appreciated for the harmony with which they can integrate the environment.

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Class and elegance without compromise

In infinity pools, the surface layer water – (usually more dirty) – is continuously collected from the overflow edge, through appropriate channels. Located on the perimeter around the tub, they absorb all the water running off the edge. From here, the water accesses the filtering system, to be disinfected and pumped back constantly. Infinity pools have a higher cost compared to skimmer pools, but also undeniable advantages. Besides the charm of crystal clear waters, in line with the floor, they bring elegance and prestige to the environment.

That is why infinity systems are also the most sought after for luxury swimming pools. Private internal, such as near a precious hotel, an infinity pool decorates the panorama with unparalleled class. The customization of the finishes and the design of new and exclusive shapes can make your pool even more amazing. Contact AcquaLAB to receive all the informations on the possibilities of shapes and custom materials to make your wonderful infinity pool. We are always available to offer you the best models in relation to your needs.