Building pools

Planning and building exclusive pools

Are you planning to enhance your garden with shiny reflections of an exclusive swimming pool? Would you like to equip your hotel with the added bonus of a swimming pool? Or are you thinking about the warm embrace of a beautiful spa, equipped with the comfort of a tub?

AcquaLAB can realize your wishes with a complete turnkey service. With AcquaLAB you can finally build the pool you are dreaming about, customized to you and your needs. From ground skimmer pools to the beauty of infinity pools, through the simplicity of above ground pools and the refinement of luxury swimming pools. Thirty years experience in the industry and direct management of each step allow us to devote to your project the attention it deserves.

Discover all the benefits and features that distinguish different types of pool and choose your customized one. Do you have in mind a particular size and design? No problem. AcquaLAB is specialized in planning and building exclusive pools, built with the highest quality materials and finishes, and designed to meet full requirements of each customer. Don’t know what pool is best suited to your environment, yet? Contact us for a visit. Our staff can evaluate the potential of your space and show proposals to enhance it perfectly. AcquaLAB can create for you a great pool, according to your taste and needs.

Skimmer pools

Would you like to enjoy diving in the clear water of a swimming pool? You can do it without spending too much. Skimmer pools are the most requested from those wishing to combine the aesthetic advantage to affordable rates…

Piscine a Skimmer focus
Piscine a Sfioro focus

Infinity pools

Are you looking for a refined model pool? Infinity pools are the ideal solution for those looking for the class of uncompromising elegance. Infinity pool is that type of tank in which the water level coincides with that one of the edges and of surrounding paving…

Luxury pools

The construction of luxury swimming pools is the excellence of our work. AcquaLAB is specialized in planning and manufacturing of beautiful pools especially designed for prestige environments. Essential quality of materials, unique originality of lines and high technological level are the elements of our luxury pools…

Piscine di Lusso focus
Piscine Interrate focus

Underground pools

In-ground pools are the most recommended for the solidity of the structure and the possibility of customizing. Every AcquaLAB inground pool has exclusive features. Models and technologies are very widely, as well as the peculiarities of the coating or accessory you can choose. AcquaLAB creates for you in-ground pools qualitatively impeccable masonry and of great aesthetic impact

Above ground pools

Are you wishing a pool but you are scared about costs and lead times? The solution for you is an above ground pool. Above ground pools are practical and easy to install. Cheaper than in-ground pools, they have an elegant aesthetics but moderate prices. With an above ground pool you can get a special place to share refreshing relaxation…

Piscine Fuori Terra focus
Spa e Centro Benessere focus


Would you like to equip your home or your hotel with a beautiful spa? AcquaLAB can handle the construction of Spa, indoor swimming pools and wellness areas. If you want to crop a comfort zone in your house or build a wellness center with all options, this is the perfect opportunity. AcquaLAB designs for you and your guests the most cherished solutions to compose a wonderful relaxing spot…