Above ground pools

Your simple, quick, cheap solution

Are you wishing a pool but you are scared about costs and lead times? The solution for you is an above ground pool. Above ground pools are practical and easy to install.

Cheaper than in-ground pools, they have an elegant aesthetics but moderate prices. With an above ground pool you can get a special place to share refreshing relaxation. You can also add value to your home giving it a special option. With the right available space, you can install different models of above ground pools. Those best suited for personal comfort or those designed for families and children, or for sporting use. AcquaLAB manufactures and installs above ground pools of any shape and size. The lines may differ, as well as the material and the color of the coating.

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Full service and consulting

Compared to in-ground pools, the ability to customize an above ground pool and change its design is limited to the types of pools on the market. Your pool can still be fitted with accessories and complements that make it an excellent source of well-being. AcquaLAB advises you in choosing the ideal model based on the environment you are going to install your pool in. Of course AcquaLAB helps you to evaluate the best placement, considering weather, sun exposure and presence of vegetation.

An above ground pool does not necessarily mean an inflatable pool. We can find stronger and more resistant material structures, meant for home design, we will be happy to show them to you. And what about cleaning? The above ground swimming pools may be equipped with special skimmer for conveying the water and channel it towards the filtration system. Contact us without hesitation to receive all the information on templates, costs and types of above ground pools.

Above ground pools with style

AcquaLAB offers you also the installation of beautiful Laghetto pools. Especially popular among the above-ground pools, Laghetto pools are distinguished by design and materials. Simple lines and modern aesthetics have made Laghetto pools an Italian icon in the industry. Perfect for those looking for style and harmony even in the above-ground solutions. Contact AcquaLAB to receive information about available types and models.