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Who we are

AcquaLAB is the Tuscan company that can build the pool of your dreams. With thirty years experience and a complete customer focus, our staff  has always  combined  high quality pools with competitive prices. Therefore, our company has become the reference point both for the design and installation of private swimming pools, underground or above- ground, and for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools for hotels, public facilities and wellness centers. Thanks to a family business and real professionalism transmitted from father to son, AcquaLAB ensures you seriousness and transparency at every stage of the project. From first inspection up to the design of your pool, until full assistance service after it is built, we accompany you with exclusive care that only direct contact can provide.

The customer satisfaction is our mission. For this reason, we dedicate to each pool the commitment and passion that we feel essential to achieve excellence. Directly taking care of all interventions, we have made of reliability an essential strength. Each project is a new opportunity to build something unique for us, which fully reflects the personality and desires of customer, and it is also the opportunity to establish a sincere and continuous relationship.

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What we do

AcquaLAB works hard in the construction of your pool from design up to the construction, installation and maintenance. A single contact point that takes you all the way, with a complete focus on your priorities. With AcquaLAB you can build a swimming pool entirely modeled on your needs of style and technology. You already have a pool but you need an intervention or specialized support? AcquaLAB is at your disposal for restoration and renewal operations, both aesthetically as well as functionality.  AcquaLAB remains at your service whenever you need to carry out the procedures of water treatment for domestic or industrial use.

The advantage of direct management

AcquaLAB is a family company, so streamlined and dynamic in the relationship with the customer as well as accurate and scrupulous in work. You will find the advantage of a direct and constant support, with no intermediaries. A simple, personal contact and in this way you shall have the confidence to rely, in all phases of the project, on a party that listens to you and fulfills the most of your requirements. Not only this. Besides the possibility of a customized pool design, fully modeled on your preferences, AcquaLAB also gives you the best value for money. The linear structure of the company makes it possible to optimize costs to guarantee the highest quality standards at reduced rates.

AcquaLAB also plays a valuable advice and can intervene at any time to help and advise you. Feel free to contact us and ask questions or rates. While choosing the ideal pool or dealing with regular maintenance, the professionalism of AcquaLAB will be always your point of reference.