Building pools and domestic and industrial water treatment





Water treatment

AcquaLAB carries out the analysis and all necessary operations for the treatment of water for domestic or industrial use. By softening the anti-legionella infection prophylaxis, as well as air filtration, purification, iron removal and reverse osmosis, AcquaLAB can provide treatment services and water analysis

Trends & Innovations

AcquaLAB offers you a wide range of specific products and services for private or public swimming pools. On this page you can find all types of treatment, materials and trendy tools for the care and beauty of your pool

Customized pools

AcquaLAB is specialized in the construction of exclusive residential and semi-public pools. Would you like to enjoy the pleasure of a luxury swimming pool? Or do you want to ensure your guests relaxation with crystal clear water?

About us

AcquaLAB is the Tuscan company that can build the pool of your dreams. With thirty years experience and a complete customer focus, our staff  has always  combined  high quality pools with competitive prices